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Company Profile of GIS-Albania

GIS-Albania was founded in 1992 by professors at the University of Tirana, graduated in the developed countries of Western Europe, to develop digital geographic information systems in Albania.
The aim of the company, along with traditional mapping services is to deliver new services that previously did not exist in Albania Dixhitalizim maps, GIS, Lis.
GIS also provides other services ALBANIA classical topo-geodesic as topographic survey in varying degrees, updating maps, geodetic network construction, engineering works topographic objects, etc..
The quality of services that provides GIS-ALBANIA is the result of experience gathered over the last 20 years by specialists of the company founder. Specializations are conducted in European universities as Paris, Grenobles (FRANCE), Siegen (Germany), Politecnico Milano (Italy), University of Wisconsin (USA), as applicable to companies and prestigious stages as the doctor Survey (UK), Bev ( Austria), etc..
GIS-ALBANIA Company has its collaborators from the spikaturit specialists in different fields such as engineering projections, urban studies, environmental protection, geological studies, etc..